How To See Who My Wife Is Messaging On Instagram

Instagram is one the most favorite social networking app where people shares their different types of visuals like images, video reels, and memes. You can also send images via messaging on Instagram, these are called DMs or Direct Messages. You can even contact the people even if you are not his or her follower.

If you see a change in the behavior of your wife she remains active on Instagram most of the time. You can spy on her Instagram activities. There are great chances that she must be messaging someone privately. There are so-called private Instagram messages.

You don’t have to worry, I will show you how you can see who your wife is messaging someone on Instagram. Without any further delay, let us move further on this topic.

Why is Instagram a Good Cheating App?

Believe it or not, it is the truth. I will tell you some things why your wife has chosen Instagram to cheat you.

  • On Instagram Flex is everything. People get amazed by others ‘ lifestyles by just seeing their pictures. Falling in love with someone on Instagram is just a child’s play.
  • Send Direct Messages on Instagram to anyone and start cheating immediately. They will accept your message request and Move on chatting. For Private Accounts, you must make a follow request first. 
  • Instagram also has a unique feature of Hidden Messages. With this feature enabled, you and the person on the other can see it. This remains hidden from external observers.

How To See Who My Wife Messages on Instagram?

Everyone values their privacy I don’t want any to interfere in my personal activities. You can’t just walk in and examine their business. If you do this, then there will be many doubts coming into the other person’s head. Then it is hard for your wife too.

Several tools are available on the internet for you. By using them you can simply manage or monitor Instagram activities and messages on your device remotely. This approach allows you to effortlessly peruse all the conversations your spouse engages in.


Glassagram is an amazing Instagram activity-monitoring app. You need to deploy it on your spouse’s mobile phone. Then wait for some time, it will start tracking the activities for you. You will be reading your wife’s messages but your wife will have no clue that you’re doing it. Because this app will be hidden in the phone.

Glassagram -


uMobix is another best tool to track Instagram activities on your wife’s mobile phone on both Android and iPhone. Its tracking capabilities are that it uses a keylogger and screenshots.

You can see their activities and record their activities as well. This app also monitors private Instagram messages.

uMobix -

uMobix shows you whenever your wife uses her Instagram by showing a repent dot option on her profile. Even if your wife is using his phone in the night time, probably midnight then you can definitely assume, she must be messaging someone on Instagram. However, she isn’t keen on you having just a glimpse of it. I’ve personally trialed this application on my device, and it has yielded remarkable outcomes.

You will be able to even track the hidden chats. This is a win-win situation for you too if your wife is smart enough then you are extra smart with this app.


FlexiSpy has all its features of tracking activities on social media from tracking calls to Instagram Monitoring Activities. You must break the root to access this app’s advanced features. Then you can see all the activities that are being done on your wife’s phone.

FlexiSpy -

This stands as the singular application that also monitors phone conversations. The conversation came into this that your wife’s phone must be rooted for this.

How To See Who Is Spying On My Instagram?

This is not an easy task as Instagram does not provide these features. So this is not possible to see the spying activities. Account Privacy and Security is the thing on which people failed to make it strong.

  • Private accounts are more secure on Instagram. You can select your followers if they are trusted or not.
  • Take a  light view of the followers list to see if there is any hacker or untrusted person.
  • Always use trusted apps from trusted sources. Never compromise your account security.
  • Always enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account. This is an extra security layer that can only be accessed with the help of verification code.
  • Always create strong and unique passwords for your Instagram. Also never tell your password to anyone.
  • Review your login activity regularly.

These are some points you must consider to make your Instagram Secure. 


Instagram is a widely used app among people of all ages. It’s a frequently observed phenomenon that individuals engage in infidelity with their life partners on a regular basis. You must collect some kind of evidence against your wife if you have any serious issues regarding cheating. The apps reviewed in this article can do the rest for you.

It is better to double-check who your wife is messaging on Instagram or it is your brain which has these types of thoughts.

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