How to Wave On Instagram Live – Full Guide

Instagram has given us the meaning of collaboration with friends, family, and strangers. You can do different collaborations like Instagram posts, video reels, and stories. Its major feature is to go live whenever you want to talk with your fans and viewers. Share your best features with them in your real broadcasts.

We are here for you to share our best techniques on how to wave someone on Instagram Live. But we will also share with you some tips on how you can make standout waves and gestures on IG Live. 

What is Instagram Live?

To make a connection of yourself with your viewers online and also in real-time. You can go live on Instagram as this is a very interesting feature. Everyone on the internet who follows you can interact and join your IG Live.

Wave on Instagram Live

The most interesting thing I like about Instagram Live is that the people who have joined your life can ask you real-time questions and you can answer them in front of everyone.

How to access Instagram Live?

Everyone on Instagram can access live broadcasts easily. Open your app and type “Live” at the top of the feed.  Also, you can go to the other person’s Instagram Profile. 

How to Make Your Wave Unique?

This might be an important thing for you too. If your wave is good enough then it can grab your viewers’ attention.

Express Yourself:

Your wave must be very clear as it will be expressing your personality. There are also more ways you can interact with your followers.

Wave on Perfect Time:

If you have done your wave at the right time then it must be very beneficial for you.

Using of Emojis:

People are impressed the most by visual presentations instead of texts. If you use emojis then it must be more expressive.

Tips for Waving at someone on Instagram:

First of all, avoid distractions there are a few of them:

  • Your hand must be visible from all over the body.
  • Remove the distractions from your body like bright lights.
  • Also, avoid live noises.
  • Try to wave forcefully.
  • Always be friendly and keep a smile on your face.

Influence of Instagram Live:

The emergence of Instagram Live has not only reshaped how we connect with others but has also had a profound impact on the broader landscape of digital communication and social interaction.

How to wave on instagram live

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Tips I keep in mind while waving?

Keep distractions away from yourself and try to be friendly with your fans. In this way, you can express the best of yourself.

Can I use my Laptop for Instagram Live?

Yeah, you can use your laptop but many people prefer mobile phones over laptops/desktops as they are small devices. Everyone does not have access to a laptop every time but they have their mobile phone devices in their hand every time.

Is waving necessary on Instagram Live?

No, it is not a necessary action but it is always a good gesture.


On Instagram try to make a connection with your audience. We know it is very simple but powerful to engage with your followers. Your followers need your good presence on Instagram when you greet your viewers or interact with them on our personal live-streaming experience. Always use creative and attention-grabbing waves and this will leave a long-lasting expression on your audience.

So, the next time you go live on Instagram, don’t forget to wave hello to your viewers and make them feel like an essential part of your broadcast. Happy waving!

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