What does the Green following Button mean on Instagram?

Instagram is an interesting social media app that continues to provide amazing features to its users. Instagram enhances user experience-related features that connect the user with the app most of the time.

This question arises in every person’s mind What actually means green following button on Instagram? Well, this feature has its own marvelous doings.

You might have added or followed your friends on your Instagram Account. But all your friends are not your close friends. When you choose your best friend on Instagram, Instagram marks it as Green Star. We can say it we can make or see difference between normal followers and close friends.

We will show you the steps to set up your preferences, their benefits, and also the process of adding or removing them.

What Green Following Button is on Instagram?

The green following button is shown when you actually add one of your specific followers as a close friend. On top of the profile, you will see a friend’s profile indicating the Green Star list. They are on your CLFS list on Instagram.

Whenever you want to share your content on Instagram, you will also see your Gren Star friend, you can eventually share it with him or herself.

Green following button on Instagram

You can add or remove them from your by going through the profile page option of “Follow Button”.

This feature will not be seen on the Instagram web, only the IG mobile app can see this.

Complete understanding of the Green Following Button:

When you are scrolling on Instagram, suddenly you see a person’s profile and you see the green star button blinking on its profile. There this feature of Instagram reveals the special message that this is your close friend which you have added. The actual meaning of close friends is that you can share unique, exclusive, and high-rated content with your friends.

Adding a friend to a Close Friend List:

Social media is a place where all your private things are not secured unless you take some action against it. You try to create space between your followers and close friends (close followers). Whenever you want to share your thoughts, pictures, video reels. You can make them private too by sharing them with a small group of people called Close-Friends. 

In this, your larger audience remains unnoticed with this kind of act.

How to add friends to your Close Friend’s list?

This step is simple for new users or regular users. First of all, you need to know how Instagram works with its designed algorithms. Once you have known much about it then you must need to know about this feature.
This feature will give you privacy when you choose, who you want to share your recent experiences, thoughts, and ideas. In this way, a close friend list helps you the most.

Any person can be added to the close friend list:

  • Go to the person’s profile. If he or she is following you then you can click on the following option.
  • Here you will see the Close Friends option which must be recognised in as the “Green Star” Button.
  • The Green Button will be activated on the person’s profile.
  • There were the small simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Following Button Turn Green on Instagram?

If you add your follower in your close friends list then that friend profile page turns into green. That’s Why people call it Green Button.

Why is the Following Button Color Green on Instagram?

This is the Instagram coding thing which their developer has given it a Green Color. When we see a thing labeled Green in Color, it means that this thing is trusted. The friend following button turns green which means that he is a trusted close friend.

Does Instagram Direct Messages keep the Green Following Button?

This Button is visible on the Person’s Profile Page. On CLFS can see the story shared with them. But unfortunately can’t see it in the Ig DM’s


To gain this amazing green button feature, you will need to add your followers to your close friends list. We have full trust in you that you have known much about its exclusive feature.

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