Download Honista Apk v7.1 (For Android Only)

The demand for apks like Honista has increased over the past few years. The Honista app has given the world a great revolution. Honista apk is very well equipped with many remarkable features which people want for themselves like a smooth UI and UX.

The latest updated version of Honista apk is v7.0 and is available for Android users to download and use on their mobile phones. But here comes the most important part: your Android phone must be version 4.1 or above.

Honista Apk 2023 Additional Info

App NameHonista Apk
Size71.2 MB
Latest Versionv7.1
Lasted UpdatedJuly 1, 2023
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4+
Total Downloads5 Million +

What is basically Honista Apk?

Basically, Honista apk is an Android-based application specifically developed for users who want to use distinctive tailored features to cater to their needs. But the UX (User Experience) must not be compromised. While you have Honista apk, you don’t need multiple apps installed on your phone just to see anybody’s profile picture more clearly, and download video clips and photos. Honista is providing us with these things that everyone needs.

Why should I use Honista apk?

You have read about the Honista apk in the above paragraph, but still, you need more things to enjoy the convenience of Honista. Honista apk provides an array of many cool and smart features as it stands out as a superior choice over the other apps. Its development quality is just insane.

The app provides continuous updates as it must remain the optimal solution for users. The major updates of this app will be related to the refinancing of user experience. Honista developer always takes things into consideration that their users suggest to them  In this way, they know how the users are using their application. Undoubtedly, Honista apk users have surpassed a milestone of 5 million users and it tells that this application is solving the problems.

How to find Honista’s latest updates?

To elevate your experience to the next level, Honista app developers work very hard to give you regular updates. You must keep the app updated for the latest features. If you have the Honista apk already installed on your phone then you must do the following steps.

  • Access the toolbar from the top interface of the app.
  • Navigate to the settings option
  • Within this option, you will find “About Honista” Please select it.
  • Navigate to the “Check for the new update” option.
  • This will tell in a few minutes whether the update is available or not.

Latest Features of Honista 2023 APK

Nowadays this application is considered the most powerful and influential app which has more features than the official Instagram. The offers a plethora of remarkable features.

Free to Download

Honista apk has eliminated the payment barrier as you can download it free of any cost. This is the absolute leverage that every app can’t do.

Download Media

You will feel more convenience when downloading media stuff like photos, videos, and reels within the app. After installing the Honista app you will not need any application to download insta media.


Alter the general appearance of the app by your own choice. Just make the app like whatever you want this app to be. Go to the settings menu for customization.

Copy-Paste Feature

Farewell to the app that provided the feature of copy-paste in Instagram because the Honista app can do it on its own with just a few clicks.

Ghost Mode and Message Privacy

There is another amazing feature of the Honista 2023 apk. You can activate the Ghost Mode feature to become invisible to your friends on Instagram. In this way, you can easily check or read your friend’s messages without any double tick or blue tick.

View External Content

Seamlessly open photos and videos using external applications directly from within the Honista app.

Ad Block Ad Control

Take control of your Instagram ad experience by blocking unwanted ads and selectively displaying only the ads you wish to see.

Internet Consumption Management

Your internet data is precious, this app has an internet-saving tool that will save your data. By default, you will view the images and videos in low quality.

These are the remarkable features that you will love the most.

Old Versions of Hoinsta

Hoinsta xAPK v1.1.0

Hoinsta APK 1.1.0

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Come on, of course, Honista APK is designed to work alongside the official Instagram application without any conflicts or issues. Users can install both applications on their mobile Android phones.

In general, using Honista is unlikely to cause a ban from using Instagram but Honista apk could potentially lead to enforcement actions by Instagram, including temporary or permanent bans.

Currently, Honista is not available for iPhones. Only Android users can use this.


In conclusion, the Honista APK stands as a remarkable and innovative modification of the Instagram application, offering users a range of unique and advantageous features. The incorporation of features like ghost mode, message privacy, and internet consumption control further contribute to making Honista a standout choice for those seeking tailored and efficient Instagram usage. As Honista continues to evolve and improve with regular updates, it remains a dynamic and valuable addition to the world of social media applications, catering to the needs and preferences of its growing user base.

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